Sickity Sick

OK the main reason why I write today, is because I am so bored and totally don’t know what to do. I just shopped online for make up with a birthday voucher I got. This really sucks. I just turned 29 on Friday, and the next day I immediately got sick and I spent the whole weekend in bed. We have been sleeping separately because I cough and sneeze like there is no tomorrow.  And J though he is really sweet and takes care of me, I know I would disturb his sleep if we sleep in the same bed so I moved to the guest room and have been sleeping there alone.

Gah. I am so bored… So far I have re-organized my clothes, make up drawers (and experimented a bit with some of old make up I found in that drawer) and my poor cat Tjakra becomes a victim of my boredom…


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