In the Name of Jajanan

{ Homemade Mie Ayam. I fried some tempeh for side dish, and of course with sambal! }

{My friend Lusi made this Pempek..Lusi is the best Pempek maker in the whole Amsterdam and maybe Noord – Holland. No joke.}

I have been blessed by God, spoiled even..that I am given the opportunity to be hired by a very generous company. For lunch I just need to spend 5 euro and I get ALL I WANT. Fancy salad with fresh and organic veggies, sometimes exotic too. Then I can get warm meals prepared by one of the best Italian chef in the city who is not afraid to experiment. And not only that, I still can indulge myself with dessert made with love. The products they use are all organic and absolutely from the best quality. I am blessed. Lord, today we had Malaysian beef curry that tasted almost like Rendang Padang! But me, the spoiled creature of God, an ungrateful kid I am, I usually still get bored by all organic food prepared by Otto, our chef. And all I want is just a greasy meal, gravy, maybe with some sprinkles of nasty preservatives for lunch. I sometimes dream about mie ayam (chicken noodle soup) for my lunch, sometimes bakso (meatball soup) and if I want to push myself a bit further, I want a portion of pempek Palembang. I WANT IT SO BAD. I miss jajan (read = frivolous food/snack consumption) from food carts at the sidewalks just outside the office during lunch time like I always did back home. To top it off, I want to have a glass of thick avocado juice for dessert, please? Hmmm…faaatttt!!! And lekker.


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