Gurl Thang

Have been really busy lately with work-related stuff and not to mention the wedding prep (well, the latest one is not so much, it is more contemplating than busy with it) I will not tell you in a TV soapies – length about drama I have at this moment, but I want to share some pretty little things that I do to stabilize the situation. This blog is about “get through things” .

I am so grateful to have and to be surrounded by really good friends. I mean it. I am not a typical kind of person who is easy to hang out with. I mean, I really need to find the right-click with that person otherwise, any minor flaws will be a big turn off for me. I am so touched by my lovely friends’ gestures, words and just being there for me. Everytime we meet, there will be laughter, some silly self-pity and you can just laugh about it, some stories, and above all, there is love. And they really are the sweetest girls.

When I came to this country, I didn’t know anyone, let alone friends. I met new people, and then gradually created my own friends circle. Around the globe! I am telling you, when I open my address book, I have addresses from .. let see, roughly speaking, 4 continents. Where did I meet all these people? Amsterdam. Yep. This city is truly a melting pot, and people come and go. And, even though some of them don’t live in NL anymore I miraculously still keep in touch with almost all of them.

{ My ridiculous outfit on my surprise bachelor party}

{My girls!! with full attributes!thanks for the memorable surprise hen party!}

Second thing to stabilize drama situation is, indulgences. I am so fortunate to live in a big(ger) city. There are many choices of indulgence I can choose from. Lately, I am pretty obsessed with wellness treatments. As an Indonesian, I am very used to have massages and all body treatments. We used to do it regularly… When sisters/ cousins gathered then what we always did, was making rujak and did lulur.  Rujak is a super spicy fruit salad. It tastes soooo goood!! and gets even better if you make and eat it together (with friends or with female family members).

{Rujak, image from here}

Lulur is a traditional body scrub/mud. You can either make it yourself from kitchen ingredients or purchase it from the market. The after feeling from having lulur is your skin will be glowy and radiant. In addition, it leaves your skin smooth and soft. It lifts all the dead skin cells, it cleans all the dirtiness off your body. Not to mention the nice smell after you use it! Back home, lulur is really a girl thing. Because you have to first get a massage, and there must be someone who smears your body with the lulur paste mixture and later on once it is dried, scrubs it off your body. So, indeed it is a hell of team work 😀 .. Of course you can do it yourself, but it is way more fun if you do it together with the girls.

{image from here}

However, it was quite a challenge to find a traditional beauty parlor in Amsterdam. Especially with quirky demands like I had in mind. But hey, luckily Amsterdam is a big melting pot and with quite big Indonesians population in this city, there must be at least one beauty parlor that gives “the real” Indonesian beauty treatments. I learned from a friend about this hidden gem in Albert Cuyp market, a little/mini spa called Scent of Bali. They offer services like traditional Balinese massage, lulur and facial. And for traditional service it is given by their Indonesian staff.I went there a couple of times, and I liked it a lot because not only I got a splendid massage like it is supposed to (hard with their fingers pinching your muscles! and not stroking your body ..grhhh) I could also speak Bahasa Indonesia with the staff. Hello, total relaxation? 🙂

Well, sometimes a girl deserves a treat 🙂 .. How about you? What kind of things you usually treat yourself with when you really need one?


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