Special Edition: Vijf Jaar in Nederland!

Tsjonge jonge jonge… It has been 5 years ago since I came living in the Netherlands! Het is precies 5 jaar geleden dat ik in Nederland kwam wonen. Time flies. But not that fast though. I still remembered how hard it was when I looked for a job when I just arrived. I am neither native in English or Dutch, or any European languages (except my intermediate level of German, still not a native German). So darn hard to even get a poor-paid jobs because I ‘didn’t speak Dutch at all and Bahasa Indonesia hadn’t and still hasn’t got its own prestigious business market up here! So, it was not an advantage for me being an Indonesian and to show off my nationality in my resume. Boooh. The only good thing for being an Indonesian, every time I came for an interview they would ask how good my cooking skill is! SERIOUSLY?!Nevertheless, I still considered it as a good thing.

I still remember how tormented I was when I learned Dutch at the Uni 40 hours a week and had piles of home works. How annoyed my boyfriend was because I was such a pain in the ass, because I wanted to master the language in a blink of an eye (yeah right, I was delusional) and tortured him with grammar questions. Oh, such a perfectionist I was! 🙂 Exams by exams I went through, and luckily I managed to pass them in less than one year time. All incredible feelings squeezed into one word, INTEGRATION. It was crazy. But still, I am still living in this “kikkerland” up till now. Sometimes, when I bike through the canal or boerderij I need to pinch myself to realize that I am living in this beautiful country!

Despite all troublesome journeys to be accepted in Dutch society, I enjoyed every bit of it. I love waking up in the morning and go to the market with my bike and put the fresh vegetables in my rattan basket. And in the afternoon I still can go to the city, meet up friends at the coziest lunchroom and afterwards see a movie at the cinema with my beau.  Amsterdam is a small city compares to my hometown Jakarta, yet it has a lot to offer!

{ nearby my apartment, take a break after riding my bike around the village}

{ beautiful Vlieland }

And I love the taste of freedom in Holland. I am free to wear anything I want without being judged by people, free from traffic jam, free from polluted air, and free to speak up my mind.

Of course I miss Indonesia so much… Like how easy and cheap food there, so many abang-abang with their food carts, so friendly staff are at shopping malls and at restaurants, so many friends I have there, etc. I just embrace my life now and take the best out of it. It is really challenging to build a new life in another country, but it is also really surprising to see how much you can achieve and adjust in another country.

In my 5th year in the Netherlands, I am going to venture into the world of two. I am going to tie the knot with the love of my life! Yes, I am getting married in like..a month from now 😀 ! Spannend he. We’ve been together for 6 years now (well actually next week will be exactly 6 years) and it is time for us to move forward to the next chapter of our lives. Saampjes. Thus, this is a very very special year for me and J and therefore, we are going to celebrate it with our friends and our families too, we both hope this will be the best journey we’ll ever step on! Wish us luck and…

Stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “Special Edition: Vijf Jaar in Nederland!

  1. Mam je heb n getypt in plaats van m hehehe. Schreef je vanuit je iPadje? Heeey leuk he dat we vandaag geslaagd zijn met de schoenen! Ik ben er nog steeds heel blij mee 😀 Kusjes xxx

  2. Wow. Anyone who can survive five Dutch years will live forever :). Taking into account the traps and ambushes of Dutch language which troubled my two wonderful Indonesian daughters in law, I stand in awe reading about your victory :).

    Congratulations on your imminent wedding. Have a great day and a splendid future.

    • HI, I will take that as a compliment 🙂 Don’t get me wrong though I have been living here for 5 years I still have difficulties with Dutch grammar..I really wonder when it will stop haunting me :p Thank you for reading my rant and say hi to your wonderful daughters in law.

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