Home Is Where the Heart Is

It has been 8 months ago I moved out of Amstelveen and moved into a new apartment in the suburb of Amsterdam. So far, it has been really nice. I see this new apartment as the future little house 🙂 There have been good moments happening in this new pad, lovely moments. Prior to this, it once belonged to an old lady. She had lived there for over 35 years, so it is not a newly built apartment with good bones in it. Hence, a major makeover is needed!

I have some DIY project ideas for my home. I love reading interior design magazines, or reading home improvement blogs, trendy and sleek home ideas, you name it! I read those stuff..eagerly. But, when it comes to my personal taste, I tend to pick warm, cozy, a bit rustic style mashed with a tad bit of kitsch and vintage touch here and there.. I don’t like a house that is too staged, too clean that you are constantly worrying you’ll make a mess or too modern and cold. I fall for eclectic style. I love collecting bric-a-brac and all the things with stories. Whenever I travel and visit a new city I will search for the local markets, brocante (French for flea markets), or vintage shops, you will get so many amazing items in those places, you can’t imagine! For you who love thrift shopping for vintage pieces, sometimes those amazing stuff you’ve bought smell musty.

Here’s a tip to get rid of the musty smell from your new findings: fill your item with kitty litter and let it sit for one week untouched. Sounds wacky?! Just give it a try! I promise you the smell will go away! The litter sucks up all the smell and like magic, your new vintage piece is good to go!

Below is a vignette of my kitchen. J bought the card (in red frame) because I am a truly coffee addict, and this card reminds him of me :p. I then bought a cheap ass baroque/kitsch red frame and put it on the kitchen shelf. Tadaa! I really like how it turns out, so retro! 🙂

{cupcake pots filled with cat treats, old Dutch recipe books, La Duree bag from Paris, 2 retro canisters for beschuit and sugar}


I love the fact that I am making use of what I can get instead of purchasing pricey and new furniture from high-end shops to make my apartment cozy and lively. Small homes require you only keep around things that you love and that feed the space you’re constantly recreating. The key for a small apartment is a good storage. Thankfully, this new apartment has many storage I can use of to avoid clutter and I start mastering the art of sorting out things I really need. New things come in and old things have to get out. Light, light and light. You need lighter color for small houses otherwise it will look smaller than it is. However, taste may differ one to another, the essence of a home is; it is your sanctuary. Make it your own and you will feel safe and warm.


4 thoughts on “Home Is Where the Heart Is

  1. I brought a few treasured pieces with me when I moved to the Netherlands, but like you I delight in trawling second-hand shops…it’s been a genuine pleasure to slowly curate my home from the ground up. I love your sensibility. (:

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