Clear Blue Sky

I am very confused now with the weather.. It is totally not a spring weather. I am still wearing my winter coat! WTH???So, the sunny spring was just a bluff then :/

However, I love this picture which was taken in Nusa Ceningan (Bali) almost 3 years ago! It is really funny, I sometimes forget how beautiful the beaches are back home. I think I’d taken it for granted.. being surrounded with beautiful nature, warm weather  and tropical beaches. I definitely appreciate it much much more now since I am so far from home, far from my beloved tropical weather and coconut water 🙂

Despite the rainy and gray days in the Netherlands, I have been collecting some good moods to spruce up my little apartment with some DIY ideas. My plan is to biking to the nearest hobbywinkel in the weekend and purchase some stuff I need for my DIY projects. Hope it turns out well like I have in mind! And also, on Monday we are going to celebrate Queens Day! 🙂 Madness it is. But, it will be so much fun.. My fave part is the morning of Queens Day when the whole cities (well most cities in the Netherlands then..) turn into a gigantic, massive, flea markets(rommelmarkt)! All wicked items and adorable bric-a-brac are ready to be found/handpick by you. Just don’t miss it. I might sell some stuff, let see if the weather would allow me, I’d be selling some pies and some of my rommel (junk, in this case ; my old furnitures, utensils, stuff and whatnot).

Below is a picture that was taken in Tanjung Benoa, Bali.


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