I’ll Do Graffiti If You Sing To Me In French

The title of this post is taken from lyrics of a song from Maximo Park, Graffiti.

I feel that it has been such a rough week for me. I missed home a lot, missed my friends and families so much. I think it was just jealousy, since a couple of weeks ago, there were so many friends who were going back to Indonesia to spend their yearly holiday. I unfortunately was not one of those lucky bees. I am saving money for a big event and my parents are planning to come to visit me in the summer. Too many plans ahead, too less money. But after re-think I realize that, it has been hard for me lately. First with the move, and then all the work after the move, a new job and its consequences, relationship issues (couple’s life)… It is normal when I feel so homesick and just miss the convenience of being normal. I have been pushing myself quite hard between job and social life, language barriers, or doing the best in all aspects in my life.

Nevertheless, I preoccupy myself with doing a lot of things outside work, like meeting up with friends, cleaning up the messy house, taking care of a sick cat, and despite the busy schedule, I am still able to squeeze in some times to enjoy the fantastic spring weather. Spring has finally come! I immediately ditch my winter jumpers and woolen socks in the basement, and I am super glad that winter is finally over. Believe me, I have enough with layers and winter! Bah. The temperatures now are between 12-18 degrees Celsius, and the sun shines constantly. How lovely! Nothing can make me happier than to see the sun and eventually be able to wear shoes without socks to the office. It feels GOOD!!!

And yesterday,Β  I got a surprise from my boss unexpectedly. He handed me my contract extension, and what I thought just a year contract was actually an indefinite/permanent one! Indeed, I re-read it couldn’t believe it! I was fooled. But in a good way! For many people a permanent contract maybe just a normal case. But for me, it means a whole lot more. On one side, I feel the appreciation from my employer, and a legit recognition of my work. And on another side, I feel that I’m entering that ” mature zone ”Β  in my life! lol. It feels quite funny, I got my first ever permanent job contract ! πŸ™‚ and coincidentally, I got it when I am living abroad.

{my fave simple homemade dessert, strawberries w/ cane sugar and balsamic vinegar}

I just want to spread the good news in this post, and this picture below is exactly how I feel at this moment πŸ˜€

{ taken at Efteling last week}


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