Sunitha Krishnan

I was so damn upset when I read a status on my Facebook’s timeline a week ago. A friend, wrote something he thought was really cool but the content made me so upset!

He wrote, (literally translated): ” Lives felt as if we were being raped. It is delightful when you can enjoy it”

I was following some news from my country before I read that Facebook status and, I was actually already so pissed off by recent violent rapes that occur in public transport vans done by the drivers and other sexual predators gangs. I was so worried by what happened, since I still have a younger sister lives in Jakarta and she usually takes this kind of transportation to go to her college. Thus, my friend’s nonchalance status on Facebook about his idiot point of view and metaphor about life made me ballistic.

If he would have watched this amazing speech I watched a while back on TEDTalk, from Sunitha Krishnan, an Indian social activist in human trafficking and chief functionary and co-founder of Prajwala, an institution that assists trafficked women and girls in finding shelter. My friend he would definitely bite his tongue and be ashamed for what he had written! Be careful with what you write on social media, people. Because you don’t know how other people would react or how it would impact on others. What you think is cool, is not necessarily cool for others. Especially for this case!

sunita krishnan


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