Frosty February

{Stadhouderskade road }

Snow is pouring in the Netherlands! The winter weather this year came a bit odd here. It was quite a mild winter in the beginning of December until January. But then…boom! Just when we all thought that winter was almost over and spring was just right around the corner, the temperatures dropped drastically first to -3 and then to – 22 degrees Celsius (last night in some part of NL). And yesterday it snowed in the morning quite heavily and blanketed the country in white crispy snow in no time…So lovely. But, it also caused many traffic jams!

I love winter better when it snows rather than just dry cold winter .. So there is a good reason to be just at home, cuddle up with my cat and bf, watching DVDs and sipping tea.

hot choco with lots of whipped cream!!

During winter, our skin tend to get drier than usual and when you have dry skins it gets really itchy. A useful tip from my ex host mum in Germany: use Melkfett (German), or uierzalf (Dutch) or udder cream (English) it is better than to smear regular lotion or body butter for your uber dry skins. Udder cream considered as a remedy for dry, chapped skin. Udder cream/uierzalf  is a thick, rich cream that smooths and protects skin. The cream is coming out of the milking barns!

I use the one from Bogena (see picture above..the tin is so retro!) and you can buy it at all drugstore in this country. It is different from Vaseline.

Another tip from me for a cold winter like now, for women please use a good coverage of underpants. A thong is definitely cute and feminine, but classic briefs are much better for cold weather. It is really important to keep yourself warm, to avoid from getting a bladder infection from the cold.

Well, that’s all.. Happy weekend! And maybe it will be snowing again tomorrow! Let’s make a snowman..(if I can handle with the cold, of course)


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