Random Thoughts

I was just sitting on the couch and checking some pics I have in my iPhoto folders.  I chose 3 pictures I love because it reminded me of..

My (b)last summer holiday in Algarve (Portugal). The scenery was so beautiful, and this picture says it all.

Me in the Amsterdamse Bos. I had my 2 week in-between-job holiday. It was so care free… We had BBQ in the park with some good friends 🙂 Good time.

This week’s highlight. I got an iPad2 as a Christmas gift from work! I thought I didn’t get any since only employees who have worked min. 1 year in the payroll who are entitled to Christmas gifts. But, miraculously I got one though I have been working less than a year now. I am loving my new gadget!!  A new family member in my Apple collection, after my Macbook Pro and iPod touch 😀

The winter days are gray, gloomy and looks that everything is falling apart. It is bitter cold outside, and I am not planning to sulk in this gloomy and depressing weather. Hence, my fave 3 pictures I pick from my photo folder. Just to remind myself, that these gray winter days are going to be quickly over.


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