Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012 !!

Wishing you joyful months ahead, with lots of new adventure bubbles, chances, new resolutions and also good health.

Like everyone says, time flies. Indeed. However, I managed to compile my wishes for 2012, they are:

  1. Stay healthy, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I should do more sports..
  2. Have a balanced life and create a good proportion between career , social life and family
  3. Venture out new interests or hobbies out there or follow new classes like a upholstery course or maybe continue my silver smith course. I think to have many hobbies is really healthy for your mind and soul..Be creative, use my hands, create unique stuff, meet new people and talk about many topics while I am creating something. MY GOAL.
  4. Continue my study, I hope I can finish this one and continue with others next year..however never stop learning!

{krentenoliebollen 2012 made by my fiancé, J. Love how it sounds, fiancé :p}


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