Holiday Season

We’re almost entering Christmas Break. People are now busy with preparing themselves for Christmas, like buying pretty outfits/dresses to attend parties from work or just parties with their families, buying lots of gifts for friends and families, and even booking holidays and making reservations at fancy restaurants to celebrate their special Christmas!

{Sinterklaas’ night delish. Pepernoten and marzipan}

My fave moments throughout December are; wrapping gifts for my bf’s parents and of course my bf; and walking in city in the evening :-). To share the moments with them is precious. We usually celebrate and exchange gifts on Sinterklaas day (the 5th of December)

{Gifts = cadeaus or kado, the same in Bahasa!}

” my apartment building”

Staring at the pretty Christmas lights through my windows. The whole city looks so gezellig with these beautiful lights on trees, city lights’ poles and houses/shops.

I have been experimenting with some easy and simple Dutch cake recipes, this one is Boerencake or also called Oma’s Cake. It tastes similar like kue bolu in Indonesia.

(Boerencake I baked yesterday, lekker for tea time snack)

Also, I got this as an early gift from my lovely bf! A vintage look kitchen radio. I put it in the kitchen, because I  always secretly sing when I cook and I feel that it would be much nicer to listen to some music and sing while busy in the kitchen 😀 than just humming songs. I really loved it!Dankje schat!

I will attend a Xmas dinner gala from work this week, which will be a pretty special occasion for me. Because this will be my 1st Xmas event since I join the company, and I never ever attend something super fancy like this before. Rumor has it, that there will be a special band to perform! There is a dress code for that gala, and I don’t know if I should dress fancy. Let see. Maybe I will give a vintage twist to it. A little more Novi’s style. I am honestly more curious about what kind of cuisine they will serve on that night rather than the “guest band” ! However, I wish you a delightful Christmas and enjoy the Christmas spirit!


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