Catch-22 Combat!

No, I don’t want to make a synopsis out of the Joseph Heller’s book, Catch 22. Though it is a very good literature book ever written. Set during World War in 1943, Catch-22 has brought the term into life. Ca­cth-22 is idiomatically refe­rred to as ‘a no-win situat­ion’, ‘a deadlock’, or ‘a double bind’ of any type. However, I would like to write about the other meaning of Catch 22.

I quote, Catch 22 is : “ the logical paradox arising from a situation in which an individual needs something that can only be acquired with an action that will lead him to that very situation she/he is already in; therefore, the acquisition of this thing becomes logically impossible. Catch-22’s are often spoken with regard to rules, regulations, procedures, or situations in which one has knowledge of being or becoming a victim but has no control over it occurring “

We can encounter a situation which is called a Catch-22 situation in our daily life. For instance, you are outside of your apartments and forgot your key you had left inside. You need to get inside but how can you get in while your keys are inside of the house? Another example that matters :p .. young job seekers. After they graduate, they have a high expectation of being employed by a top-notch organization which its expertise scope suits their education background. But without sufficient working experiences, they won’t be considered to fill in the vacancies, employers tend to hire someone older with knowledge and experience rather than to hire a new young graduate with zero experience. Those new graduates must first gain so-called working experiences before they get finally hired and to have real jobs. You see what I mean? Though catch-22 situation looks a tad bit worrisome, it has a possible solution. Like for the 1st example you can break the door to get inside of your apartment. The second situation, those job seekers can first seek for  internships or they can involve in some mini creative projects that can expose themselves and make names.

I experienced this situation when I just came to the country. I got rejected by many many employers out there, and again felt humiliated by them during interviews. One of their main requirements is to have some years working experience in European countries. I needed to have a job badly, but in order to get a job, I must first gain job experience in this country. But how? Nobody wanted to hire me! I did not speak the language and I had only jobs experience that I gained when I was back in Jakarta. Some people have big luck but me, I was not one of them apparently. What I did was, learned the native language, did voluntary works that related to the field I want to work in, did some student jobs that paid so little money and just be patient. After a year, I finally got the opportunity to land in a small role at an international NGO. That was my first real job that later on led to other opportunities.

As I met with other people from the rest part of the world, I noticed that young people at my age, mostly are really adventurous. I really admired some of my friends, because they dared to change their futures radically and just really be a stickler! Those people really are the real role models. Not movie stars or skinny supermodels. To pursue things you aspire in life is really not a sin, this is life, the struggle to achieve circumstance you envisage is the essence for being alive. But there are also some, who fear the rejections they (might) get.

Get out of that two-by-four space in your head. See what you are capable of and widened your horizons. There is no reason to delay your happiness and luck just because you fear the struggles, and the barriers you will have.

{ too bad life is not always as cheerful as rainbows}

So, I hope people who read this post. Don’t give up on hopes. Catch-22 situation is stinky. It seems impossible but there is a solution to this. However, the solution to these no-win situations, does not seem that difficult either. One simple and effective me­thod to solve these worrisome situations, would be to bring about a realisation of the natu­r­e of the situation am­ong the people involved. Doing th­is will en­able you to take bigger actions and resolve these catch-22 deadlocks. Don’t blame the circumstance you are in, think greater than that. Think out of the box!


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