Into the Reality

I love seeing movies though shamefully not as often as I want, every time there’s a new movie coming out in the cinema especially the good one I will be definitely seeing it. Nearly 3 years ago, I watched this great movie and till this day I am still really impressed and it has left a very deep meaning for me. This movie is on my top 6 favorite movies together with The Shawshank Redemption, La Vita e Bella, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Amelie, Little Miss Sunshine and the movie that I am talking about now, Into the Wild.

The story touched me profoundly. I think because I really could comprehend and feel his urge to see the world and live life with basic values that people had forgotten because we were all too consumed with materials and things that were not real in life. The movie was made and based on a true story of a young man, Christopher McCandless. Written and directed by none other than, Sean Penn.

A really talented and smart college graduate who’d had a bright future in front of him. But as a young and free-spirited guy, he left it all behind and lived as a wanderer. He gave up his savings to a charity, left his families and friends, and just went seeing the world. Along the way, in his adventure to find himself, he met people from various backgrounds and bonded with them. Those people lit the movie with their unique personalities and characters.  Christopher, was just like us. Young, idealistic, he had different opinion and point of view about life, critical, and loathed the system and violence in civilized society. But he chose the extreme paths to live his life the way it was meant for him compared to us :p After quite a while on the road and had experienced many occasions and met with different bunch of people, he was determined to go to Alaska.

I will not tell you how the story ends, for you who haven’t seen the movie yet and love adventure and deep philosophy in a movie you must see it. This movie is really beautiful, the story, the casts are brill (Emile Hirsch played outstanding! and I really gave him a credit for), and you also can see many magnificent and breathtaking landscapes as he lived the adventures like kayaking and climbing the canyon or almost drowning in the river…Amazing!!

What made me more enthusiastic with this movie is also, the great soundtracks! Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam’s lead vocalist) sang wonderfully in Guaranteed the song won the 2007 Golden Globe for the best movie soundtrack! The movie really evoked something deep inside of me and that made it really special, and became one of my favorite movies of all time.

Below is the movie trailer and a video of Guaranteed the movie soundtrack sung by Eddie Vedder (live and acoustic)

Another song in the movie soundtrack that becomes my fave song, No Ceilings. All songs in the movie soundtrack were written and sung brilliantly by Eddie Vedder.


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