Never thought it would be this insane with moving. The house apparently needs to be fixed here, there and much of everywhere! It is a not-so newly built apartment, and it is quite big according to Amsterdam’s standard which is on the perks side, however the not so nice side of it is: it takes more times to get everything fixed. Moooree times! I know, I know..I should be patient, be grateful and should see it as a nice and exciting project. I do and I am. But let’s face it. I am just a human. I go to work 5 days a week and after 8 hours work, I go home/do errands, cook dinner, eat dinner, I am tired. Packing stuff out of boxes or painting doors will be the least thing I think of as a refreshing activity in the evening.

Truly, I have been really stressing out with the mess and all. I seem cannot concentrate in the messy spaces. I just go blank. Luckily my parents in law are just the most hands-on people I’ve ever met. They come whenever something needs to be done, help when I don’t ask (or hesitant), take the piling up laundry I don’t have time to wash (and bring them back home neatly!!), and give all the tips from the experts. Merci beaucoup! Then, all loyal friends who come voluntarily and pitch in You guys rock! I am sooo thankful to all of them, really such a huge help in this chaotic span.

After rewind – fast forward all the help I’ve got thus far, I am now determined to get it done slowly and see this as a nice and fun project. Moving is never easy. But all efforts always pay off eventually. I should now regard it as my experiment moment, something I always love to do. Now the heavy parts were all done. It is time to furnish the house, explore the possibilities, adopt a new red kitten (hehehe…) and why not? Yes. Why not creating DIY stuff, recycling old pieces to a whole new item, be creative 😀 ! And thank you a million for ones who have helped. It means the world to me and I promise, I owe you an Indonesian dinner soon :p ! X

photo from here

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