Falling Leaves

I was born in November, that made me an Autumn Girl. Though I do not necessarily love Autumn..because it’s usually wet, rainy, cloudy, cold and gray. However this year’s Autumn is miraculously wonderful. We have had nice sunny days, the temperature is mild (between 16 degrees and 12 degrees, but drops to 7-4 degrees in the evening). And I turned 28 a week ago, made Autumn my favorite season this year replacing summer (we shamefully didn’t have fabulous summer, which sucked!). This Autumn’s highlights so far have been..

The move. Finally we found a shelter, a big one! 😀

It was a wonderful night, said goodbye to a dear friend..After surprised her with a dinner party! We’ve had good laughs which was a perfect thing than to have tears at a farewell party.

Got this sturdy white bike as a b’day present! Hell yeah, I am loving my new bike. In the Netherlands, bikes are very essential and this underrated vehicle is the most convenient ones than other means of transportation. Forget Prius, forget electric cars and all that fanciness! Bikes are the real thang! It contributes to zero percent of carbon footprint 🙂 With its big white basket I can squeeze all little groceries inside. And in the summer, I can use it as a picnic basket!

I am wishing you a wonderful Autumn…whatever you are planning to seize this lovely season of the year..Enjoy the day, and spread the love! xx


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