Happy Autumn!

I finally have internet at home! and I finally can write a blog post, but first let’s start with showing how happy I am that we finally enter beautiful Autumn in Europe! Autumn marked with my dear friend leaving Amsterdam to her hometown in Buenos Aires together with her not-so-Dutch boyfriend they will temporarily stay there to fulfill their dreams!I am gonna miss her a lot but I am really excited and wish her luck for their/her endeavors!

{ Conejo and Lu, all the best for you both and see you guys next year!}

Then, I got a job contract extension which I am so thankful to acquire! Still enjoying my time there in all – men department. Nice colleagues, crazy colleagues, and lots of Sample Sales.

Celebrated my father in law’s birthday in a fantastic place!

{Beautiful and romantic castle in Germany}

And last but not least, I have a place to call home now. Though there’s still a lot of things to do and to fix in the house, it is a home. Will keep you all updated with the before and after pictures! That’d be fun to see.


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