A New Cherry Header!

Finally Bucket of Cherries has a new header!! I had been planning to design something fresh, something me, but never got further than my doodles on my sketch papers 😦 I blamed my lack of self-determination..

And to my surprise, my dear best friend Mels gave me a super sweet present…a new header for my blog!! Ain’t it so sweet? She is a freelance artist in Jakarta, and I have been her ultimate fan since forever. When we were in high school, I had told her, “Mels..you are my favorite artist after van Gogh!” . It was a half joke back then, but nevertheless, we all really admired her art works. She was so talented, and she always painted beautiful paintings for her friends who nagged often enough to finally get some art pieces from her. I mostly loved her comic series, with her original style, carrot style!! Check her cards design and illustration blog here .

The new header is uber cute! I really like her interpretation, and how she created a noddy car! It’s just brilliant. I am so happy with my new header, and I hope you like it as well πŸ™‚ .. And Mel, I love sending postcards! I will never get tired of sending you ones hehe

{ Van Gogh’s starry night }


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