Week Highlight

It has been a super busy week for me..but I amazingly enjoyed every bit of it. There have been many deadlines, workshops, meetings and tasks I must finish but, this week has been wonderful!

On Thursday, some ex-colleagues (who have become good friends, after all of us left the company) and I went to see THE girls’ movie of the year (does it sound too exaggerating?)..Bridesmaids. And I am telling you, the movie was so hilarious. Yet makes sense, not like typical Hollywood movies if you know what I mean. Well, in some parts they’d probably made it too funny like the part where those girls got food poisoning. Reminded me of the scenes of The Hangover 😀 .. I really recommend this movie for all girls who like to see a comedy about friendship. Easy and entertaining. Btw, I love Wilson Phillips as well!!!!

It is just so nice to hang out with good friends. Though it was a short one, but we really had a nice evening together!

And, of course..Lykke Li’s newest album, Wounded Rhymes. How I fancy her album! I just like everything she created in this one. My fave track, are Sadness is a blessing and I Follow River. Both videos were made and directed by the noted Swedish movie director, Tarik Saleh. I think this music video is the first one that impresses me in yeaaarss! I am taken into her world by her dance moves, and drown into her desperation and frustration through her near-broken voice..seeking for a dollop of attention. Lykke Li’s new album is undoubtedly dark..pop..youthful and stark.

I hope you have nice plans for the weekend, and ENJOY! it’s weekend peeps 🙂


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