Eet Smakkelijk!

Do you judge people? .. Or, do you judge people by what they have in their shopping carts?. I think, you simply can’t help it to take a glimpse on passing carts. Food has become commodity. Back home in Indonesia, we take it for granted that vegetables and fish come fresh from the farmers. Everything is simple and nothing fancy,  a far cry from processed/artificial.  When I was still living in with my parents, our maids used to cook vegetables  (included coconuts) that we planted in our backyard, or mom usually bought ingredients from our traditional markets early in the morning before she went to work. We seldom ate red meats, but ate tofu, chicken and tempe very often. We were used to eat “correct” foods and we did not really snack, we ate barely sweets or chips at home. My grandma loved to make healthy Indonesian snacks once in a while when she felt like it (read: mostly those healthy snacks were made from bananas, sugar canes, dried rice and mung beans…)

When I came to Europe, I found all nasty things you could imagine. Dark premium chocolates (my fave!!which is not very nasty though, instead it is rather healthy), all kinds of crisps, sweets, fatty cakes and pies,  sugary drinks (like in juice and soda), processed food ..Lord, too much sugar!too much fat!too much artificial food additives!.

I simply tried EVERYTHING, that’s why I’ve gained a lot (plus I am lazy) 😀 .. I love to cook and try recipes and that also has contributed this redundant fat in my body. But that’s not the point. OK, a little bit the point, because I am attempting a  healthier lifestyle in such a good way and it gets somewhere at this point. But, my point is…I never believed that people could get so obsessively involved with foods!

{ my birthday celebration at previous work last year. 3 freaking cakes!for my greedy colleagues 🙂 choco, mocca and strawberry creme cakes }

Including me. I learn now how to read all labels on food packaging whether it has E- numbers in it or not ( E numbers are number codes for food additives that have been assessed for use within the EU (the “E” prefix stands for “Europe”).They are commonly found on food labels throughout the European Union). And how much saturated sugars, calories, other dangerous substances bla di bla, I mean I really have to be careful in consuming food. I have developed certain small allergies to certain food that contains lactose, wheat and sugar. And maybe something else that I am not aware of. Bummer. I mean, with all of these luxuries, be able to gain so many selections of snack/food assortment, does mean it brings you more cautiousness rather than indulgences!…

But of course I learn fast, as always lol. I might have passed that phase of my life. I am not so obsessed with food like I was a year back (or a few months back), in a way I will not miss out something if I don’t try it ..there’s loads of  food out there. But  food is a necessity. I would never demonize any food (just ones that have too high lactose percentage, sugar and full wheat) . Everything has to be consumed in moderation. That’s the key. I want to be healthy.

{ My attempt at making Tongseng, an Indonesian meat was YUMMY! ..see what I told you about obsessive with food! lol }

But for sure, I won’t be too obsessive with what I can eat and what I can’t eat. Seriously, I don’t want to be righteous in this department. Even this kind of behavior is potentially dangerous when it’s too extreme..Have you heard of Orthorexia Nervosa? OK if you haven’t heard of it, it’s an eating disorder, an obsession with healthy eating, with the emphasis on the obsessive nature of this concern. Being a vegetarian or a vegan is not included as an Orthorexic.

Orthorexia would be diagnosed only when concerns about eating “right” dominate a person to such an extent that he or she can’t maintain a nutritionally sound diet, or lets other areas of life suffer in ways that cause practical problems. I know a person with this eating disorder, and believe me, I can’t be near this person when I am eating 😦 They will likely judge you or will give a very long speech about what healthy food is, substitute to all “unhealthy” ingredients, convince and stick to their best (and for me, impossible) diet rigidly. Everything is unhealthy and almost everyone eats bad food.

So, do you judge people by what they have in their shopping carts? … Well, I sometimes do. Especially when they try to grab food from my cart to theirs!Grrrhhh.

picture 1 is taken from here

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