Como Vai

I have been hibernating too long from this blog. Busy with being civil.  Pretend  to be a hermit. Working, studying, booking a summer holiday and also meeting friends at cafes. Feeling so aged and bloody boring when I am comparing my weekends with my other younger colleagues it seems their weekends are only filled rock and roll, baby! There’s nothing wrong with it but sometimes I feel like I need to make up some crazy s***t when colleagues ask me on Mondays, ” hey, how was your weekend?” . I am tempted to reply them with these sort of answers:

  • ” Jeezz..I can not even remember, it was such a blur!but I definitely had the wackiest weekend ever!”
  • ” Well, you know what?we flew to Las Vegas and back. We got married!”
  • “Nothing special. Just spent it in the clubs and got hammered”
  • “Just at home coz I got such a bad hungover”

But none of those answers sounds realistic and it does not reflect myself at all. Hahaha. Take the shame.

But I am very excited to spend my most anticipated holiday. I will enjoy a lot of sun, good food, beautiful scenery, and I’m so grateful that I can do all of those things. My new job is taking its toll on me. Since I am still infected with the virus, my concentration is really at its lowest level and my energy though it gets better by day it’s still not at its best condition. However I am really doing my best to keep up with all new tasks and I think it has paid off because they are keeping me there. Hurray! As a reward for myself, I am going for a holiday in 2 days to recharge my batteries and maybe I can acquire some awesome inspirations.The next two weeks, when my colleague ask me, “Hey girl how was your weekend?” I would probably be bragging, “Ah, nothing special, I just had some beers in a cafe in the most south-westerly point of Europe” … Hehehe.

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