The Limit To Your Love

{picture is a courtesy of Jane and Dimas and Sadie}

What I found out recently was, well not very recently..That there is a limit to everything. Some say that sky is the limit…but even the sky is the limit. So apparently there is a limitation for everything. You can pursue your dreams to China, or even further..But tell me why are you being so persistent to achieve everything all at once? Even God created the universe in 6 days. Knowing your limit and accept your limitations is just as cool as drinking sangria in a summer day..If what worries you is what people might say, then you are actually only punishing yourself. When you get to where it gets nowhere, I think the best thing you can do, is just to take a break. Think through what you have done and experienced, and just enjoy and admire it. Sometimes people are too hard to themselves. What’s the worse gonna happen if you take your break? Nada…


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