Weekly Thoughts

I am still in a tranquil state of mind. Enjoying every bit of my holiday, my in-between-job holiday. Still trying to let go all the unnecessary emotions, all negative vibrations, or whatever that holds me back from my cheery mode! Nothing can stop me now lol. The weather in NL has been fantastic! Seriously, it is not normal. Today it was 27 degrees Celsius outside! So far I have been spending times with friends, trying to read new books that have been stacking up at my To Read corner. Venturing out to some cute spots around the neighborhood. Went to the beach, for God’s sake! Wonderful. But, when I try to read newspapers or turn on the TV…there are always awful and gruesome things happening on the other side of the world. After some inspiring and fun activities during the day, I go home and watch some news try not  to let the world just passes me by. But, it is just not very inspiring to hear what happens in Libya…I have checked this interactive map on NRC (online newspaper version of NRC, sorry it’s in Dutch). It is interesting to monitor, how the political turmoil in the Arabic countries have been going on for these past months.

please go to NRC website by clicking it here and check the interactive map

I leave you also with this footage of Uncontacted Tribes .
The first aerial footage narrated by Gillian “Scully” Anderson. This tribe is one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes. I am gonna let you to play the amazing footage, and read the article yourself.

Sorry it may sound so weird how first I start ranting about my holiday and then slowly creep into a very serious topic…but once you’re in an almost perfect balance (or at least I believe so) you think of different aspects of life so quickly…Just like if you are with your besties.

Well, I think I just want to share these two things with you 🙂 Hope you also like it and find it’s interesting!

Have a rocking day!


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