Why So Serious?

Let me show you some of my fave videos EVER from Kabouter Wesley (Wesley the Gnome). Kabouter Wesley is a series of short animated cartoons about a grumpy and violent gnome (kabouter = Dutch, Flemish), created by a young talented Belgian guy, Jonas Geirnaert.

Both the drawing style and the content are purposely made naive and amateuristic and the situations are always violent and impossible! Which makes it hilarious and “addictive” !! The short animations are aired on telly (forgot which channel..), but they are also available on Youtube. These two episodes are my favorites! I watch them from time to time and not regularly, cos I want to keep it special. I ALWAYS burst out laughing everytime I watch them…echt gillen! ENJOY!!

The voice of the dolphin and Gnome Wesley


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