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Haven’t written so much about my activities for these last months..There are so many things have happened and sometimes I just do not realize how nice my life is, just because I have been having some bad lucks and hefty moments that does not mean the end of everything. But when the hormones talk, you feel your life is the most miserable one on Earth 😀 .. If I can be honest, relocation is not really easy. Up till now I am still coping with it. Many friends back home often say to me or write, how lucky I am or how nice my life is because I now live abroad…Well my dear friends, it is not always lovely as you picture it. And there’s always two sides to every coin. It’s true that I have some memorable and splendid times living here but I also struggle a lot with many things, especially with cultures, customs and the language. After that, then followed by more practical things. Sadly there are no manual books or how-to-youtube videos of how to survive in another country in many aspects.

People think that it is not necessary to learn the language (Dutch) since people here in big cities they speak English fluently. Well pals, I am not included in that sort of people. Language is a crucial thing to learn since many of the Governmental institutions they do not provide their services in English (hello Belastingdienst!, hello gemeente!). Besides that, even though I have passed my NT2-II (Dutch as a Second Language – program 2) exams almost 2 years ago, I am still learning the language with hope that I would be able to speak and write on a native level.

{sail amsterdam 2010}

I think it’s in my mindset, that, if I live in a foreign country I really want to speak the language fluently since I have noticed it brings many advantages in daily life. All of these efforts of course cost a lot of time, works and money…But, it’s all worthy!

It is very hard for anyone who lives abroad to not having your beloved ones near you, and for me not having my siblings and parents near me, is the hardest one. But despite the fluctuating wave of high and low emotions of being an Indonesian  girl in Holland, I really wouldn’t change this for the world. I just want to make the most of it, my life is now here and I am so thankful for that.

It is now spring time in Holland, it’s time to go out and enjoy the weather that slowly becomes warmer and milder..Today was my last day at my work. It feels a bit surreal that I will not go to this place again, like what I did for the last one year. It feels a bit odd to say good bye to colleagues or friends because some of them have become my friends 😦 But don’t get me wrong, I am super excited to finally have a peaceful holiday time and short after I will start my new job!

I am just thinking about things I can do before I start working again..Like biking to the best ice cream parlor in Amsterdam and get myself the yummiest pistachio ice cream! Alter my jeans and pants, go to thrift shops downtown, or just read good books. There are plenty things I can do now since I have time for it!

{ice cream delights!}

And I wish when the weather’s nice and warm in one of these days, I would really love to go to the beach. The beaches here are not the same like our tropical beaches back home, of course. There are no coconut trees and the water is 9 out of 10 always too cold to take a dip in, but I still love the beaches here. Because  in Holland, the beaches have broad shorelines!Just take a long walk and let the wind blows your hair and minds and shed away all the troubles in your head. I always feel so rejuvenate and fresh after a long stroll at the beach!

{broad shorelines and gorgeous blue sky}

So, next blog post I will write about (my version of) hot spots of my city 🙂 .. Now I am trying to let everything sink down and giving myself a time to process everything..

Have a fabulous day!!!


4 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. Owowow Lekker genieten. Je hebt het verdiend, even wat tijd om alles te laten bezinken. Je hebt het allemaal heel goed gedaan en goed afgehandeld. x

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