Shine Out Your Face Like Sunbeams

Spring is here everyone! So happy to finally see the sun again. Hello you.. 🙂 And what funny is with a country with 4 seasons, in the winter you barely see good looking men (or women), and out of a sudden..when the sun shines again like now you see many good looking people start to pop around you..At the post office, or at supermarkets, and they are all happy. Where have you been? Haha. Not only me, my male friends also told me the same thing yesterday. It is a good thing. Those women on the street now are not shy showing legs, be colorful and playful with their outfits. It’s typical Amsterdam.

I love Spring cos then I have things to do outdoor. As much as I love staying inside in winter, spending my time with reading books, playing with Tjakra and cooking, I love to spend outside even more. Especially visiting small towns around my neighborhood. Last weekend, my bf and I took a ride to the nearest neighboring village. We have never been there because we thought, is just a teeny tiny village filled with only houses and playground for kids. But we did it anyway. Once we were there we were so surprised that this teeny tiny village, had a wonderful view and delightful atmosphere.

The bridge that connects the farm land and the village

We did our funny walks on the pavements and then we accidentally found a cozy Spanish restaurant facing the river. Since it was a beautiful day we chose to sit on the dock rather than to stay inside. Enjoyed the sun rays touched our faces. While we were enjoying the sun and our drinks on the dock, we constantly waved to people on the boats that passed us. People here usually do some fun recreational activities on a sunny day. Boating is very common in this country since this country is surrounded with water (rivers, creeks and lakes).

Well, the sun does not come that often to Holland. So much different than Indonesia, which I assume is Mr. Sun’s base camp for holiday, that’s why everytime Mr. Sun decides to stay for awhile, people here really take advantages by doing some outdoor activities.

When it’s sunny, I definitely love to have drinks at some nice terraces. My fave terraces are at Nemo roof terrace and at parks along Amstel river. Or rent a kayak or a kano at Amsterdamse Bos and get lost hehe, chill out at Strandzuid, BBQ with friends at Amsterdamse Bos or at someone’s place, venture out by bike to some villages nearby and visit some ranches along the way. Usually I can get some organic food, vegetables and fresh milk from those ranches. Though I have been living here for nearly 4 years, I still have that moment, ” Wow this is amazing I am in Holland!! ” .. The nature here is abundant, I enjoy every moment of it, sometimes the city even smells like cow dung, but you do not see the cows!! Once you go out of the city, you see this amazing grass, windmills, cows, sheeps, goats and horses. Just like that…and on the other side of the grass field are the houses and the roads. You can not find that in big cities in Asia…Or, OK, Southeast Asia…Mostly big cities are only jam packed with skyscrapers, malls and vehicles.

And you, do you have favorite places to hang out or fun outdoor activities on a sunny day?

Tjakra can not believe it’s Spring already hehehe..

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