A Bundle of Letters

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This post has been in my draft section since a couple of days…I really had no idea on how I should begin this post with. And I really could not come up with a better tittle for this post..But I guess this one is just OK. Right, since I live abroad I become more aware and try to be more in control money wise. Though it is not really easy. Let me tell you why..I guess some of you can recognize yourself in this one.

For Indonesians who just arrive or also live a couple of years (me..) in some European/Scandinavian countries, we might be terribly surprised of how much amount of money we must spend to pay taxes.

In this world, nothing can be said to be certain – except death and taxes – Benjamin Franklin

I will not discuss or being opinionated about taxes and what the Government do with the money and where the money goes and such, I just want to point out how we are, modern young people who make money and busted our a**es from 9 to 5 (some people even more) and then get rewards from it by receiving salaries each month, and a couple of days after pay-day we almost go back to the amount before we got our salary of the month. In other words, BROKE.

Let ‘s rewind. What did I do wrong? After checking my habit for a month, I notice that I have diligently dedicate myself to frivolous daily spending. Like, buying stupid foreign magazines (can’t help it, they are in English!), indulge myself with coffee treats at Coffee Company or at coffee houses, cleaning stuff shopping spree at supermarkets or at local drugstores (have I told you I have a tendency to be a cleaning freak..And, tell me how could you not be tempted to try another brands of all-purpose cleaner?!)..And countless visits to the nearest Zeeman to get myself cheap ass and pointless stuff. That all contributes to my penniless state..I apparently have no idea or so unconscious of how I have spent my money .. 😦

Blame me if I am such an ignorant, but lately I just read about the Latte Effect. It is a metaphor for frivolous spending. Like, if you are a coffee addict you buy  a cup of coffee every morning at let say, Starbucks, which will cost you about 90 euros per month! All these tiny and silly things, we are not aware of, cost us a lot of money. We can allocate that money with something more useful, save it and use it for a decent holiday, for instance.

That is why start from this month on, I become more and more strict to myself. Do I really need this new bleaching product or not? De-register myself from  newsletters of H&M or Mango (they usually send me discount coupons which I already forecast myself adding up items in my basket…”how can a 5 euro tank top do harm for my pocket?” .. It does me harm!see, I am such a loser for this stuff!!), go to the public library instead to read the latest issue of ELLE or Vogue or Nylon than to buy them, and limit my coffee treats 3-4 times in a month only. Yes, I am positive about it. I can save up at least 70 95 euros per month with my action plan! Huurrraaaay!

Well, those are my latte factors. I will update whether I would be able to stick to my action plan or not. Maybe I am a sucker anyway, but, I am excited and filled with New Year’s spirit to challenge myself with the plan 😀

UPDATE 2013 : After reading bebenya bubu’s blog, I remember that I have to make an update for this post! Thanks ‘be. I have definitely changed my habit in spending money. Since last year I’ve managed to save a lot more, due to the wedding of course 🙂 After wedding me and J manage our finance more wisely. Let say, since I work in my current job I buy more sample stuff (read: clothing, shoes and bags) and that really spares me us from clothing shopping spree, yay! I do not buy magazines anymore because I read them online (via apps) . I slowly become a master in penny-pinching 😀 hehehe.


3 thoughts on “A Bundle of Letters

  1. Mbaca dongeng sblm tidur. Haha same problem everywhere ya. Nunjuk diri juga tiap keluar rumah pasti bilang nggak bakal beli kopi. Tet tot salah…I didn’t write anything about this but I did make a pact to myself since I looked up on the total amount of my coffee clothes spending and cringe cos I could actually buy a new lense with that. Semangat Nov!

  2. Hoi Noofje,
    Tsja, wat een gedoe ,he, met dat geld. Gedachteloos uitgeven is natuurlijk niet zo ok. Leuke en lekkere dingen kopen uit een soort sleur, geeft op den duur ook niet meer zo veel bevrediging. MAAR: je mag jezelf natuurlijk, af en toe ,wel met iets leuks of lekkers verrassen, dat maakt het leven lichter. Dat mag je jezelf WEL gunnen!
    Zo denk ik er over.

  3. Hoi Lief,
    nog even een uitdrukking:
    met andere woorden:bij veel zaken gaat het er niet om iets wel of niet te doen, maar om de mate waarin je het doet om er nog van te kunnen genieten. Dan ben je meester=je eigen autoriteit, van je handelen, doen, laten en gaan.
    jouw mama-Els

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