Sono felice! A phrase I just learned a couple of days ago from my dearest Italian friend, Cristina. I am happy. And since it is supposed to be a weekend blog post, I will not make it too complicated for our dead brains :p .. Do you have that feeling? sometimes when you’re having a certain emotion and you want to have a suitable background music to complete that feeling so badly? saudades..

Me myself is a fanatic when it comes to music. I love particularly retro music, my favorite is deffo The Beatles (I adore John Lennon and of course Ringo Starr!) … But sadly, sometimes I can not pick any of the Beatles’s songs to complete my mood. I therefore pick these videos for this week. Because sono felice, these songs are also happy songs or at least I have happy memories when I hear these tracks. The 1st video is from the newest singel from a Dutch (independent) singer, Marike Jager. I sometimes forget that this country has MANY big and original artists potentials .. I will leave you with following fabulous melodies 🙂 an American folk/country singer Lucinda Williams, a young and uprising Swedish indie singer Lykke Li, and my all time fave, The Kinks.. Enjoy your weekend!!

Big kisses,


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