What It Costs For..

What is freedom? or feeling free? It is describable, you can find it in the dictionary. But, the definition of freedom actually relatively differs per geographical area. For some people or ethnics in the world, freedom means you can speak out your mind without feeling horrified of the consequences. But for some other, freedom means be able to make a statement that could determine the life you have in your country.

As we all know, the world is saddened by what now happens in North African countries for these past months..though we know also, that these movement have been happening long before that. In Libya, there are more than 2,000 (as I write now) people killed during the protest. Is it worth it? To lose 2,000 citizen to gain freedom from a dictatorship? I am not going to judge, or to give all my opinions about politics in my blog, even though I could. But, I will let the politicians to do all that, and let me talk about what I know as far as my knowledge goes about politics with my friends in a dim and maybe loud cafe somewhere in Amsterdam.

My heart goes to people who died during the protests in North African countries like in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, … and maybe some more countries that I am not aware of (I am still gaining my politics knowledge, remember?) . They were somebody’s husband, father, child, mother, etc, they lost them for the sake’s of their country. They are longing for freedom and justice they have been missing for way too long. It reminds me back of the Reform 1998 in Indonesia. We had Soeharto, our ex- and late President, he was a dictator cum President who ruled Indonesia for about 32 years.

After 3 decades of presidency, Soeharto’s administration began to crack. Indonesia was the country that got the hardest hit from Asian economic crisis in 1997. People did not trust politics, even worse they lost their trust in Soeharto, he then lost support from his own folks. All disapointment then led to many riots and violent demonstrations which occurred in many parts of Indonesia. But we never forgot the infamous demonstrations conducted by Indonesian students in the street of Jakarta. Soeharto was forced to resign in May 21 1998.

There are always many victims in this action. Including North Africa liberation from dictatorship like what happens now in Libya and Egypt. We don’t know how this would go, how long it will last, or what is going to happen after the bad guy goes or force to resign like what had happened with our bad guy, Soeharto (may he rest in peace..). Would it be a better world for the people who had given up their lives during the riot, or not? We do not know. But we do know, that we want to help and give the moral and fund support for them.

Maybe this post will be my first and the last one about politics. My mother in law is the best one in this field, it is her expertise 🙂 So, I just want to raise the awareness about what’s going on in the world today. We sometimes get too carried away by other things in life. And we forget about our sisters and brothers in another part of the world who need our support.

One of my colleagues once has said, ” We are actually one. Our clothes are made in Bangladesh, our electronic devices are from China, our vodka is Russian, our coffee is Brazilian, and our tea is Tamil..what are we to call other people immigrants?” He was annoyed by a Dutch politician who is very racist (I bet you know who I am talking about, yes Mr. G W). It was just a breezy comment and it put a smile on my face…

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One thought on “What It Costs For..

  1. Hoi Noofje,
    Mooi stukje. De hele wereld is nu bezig met die strijd. Wat zal het resultaat zijn op korte en op langere termijn? Kadahaffi begon als een idealist die het goede wilde voor zijn volk, notabene.
    Laten we hopen en bidden dat de uitkomst van dit alles duurzaam goed is.


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