My Little Own

source: we heart it

I have found my cup of ice cream, my cup of happiness…Not so long ago, I just found it recently. Maybe this cup is my current craving and might change soon, but I have found it.

You might have not found your cup of ice cream just yet, or cup of sundae, or bowl of jewelries but each person has her or his own happiness with its own measurement. Mine was far for home. I travel half way around the world to pursue it…and I luckily have found one.

Along the way, I have encountered some barriers..some were easy some were hard to face. But, after nearly 5 adolescence years I spent abroad, I finally made my mind. There’s nothing I would not do to learn and try to discover many things. World is a huge surface of knowledge, you meet new findings on every step you make. Embrace the odds, greet the awkwardness, and never feel intimidated by others. You are one of a kind, I guess you should have known it by now.

Happy Valentine’s Day, me, I deserve it to have my very own cup of ice cream.



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