The Sad Truth About People

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I stumbled upon this quote today. Deep in me, I know this is true. But it’s a bit naive if you’d 100% agree on this, cos sometimes you have to see the bigger picture why they think like that. Many factors can influence this conclusion. In general, it is maybe true..and it is sad. But, we’re human. Sometimes we are mean and have to unleash the evil side of us, or we just have a bad bad day and want other people to suffer like us too…etc etc, and it makes sense to me 🙂

Allora, happy Sunday peeps!!


One thought on “The Sad Truth About People

  1. Hoi Novi,
    Wat een domme quote. Die klopt gewoon niet.Dan zou er nooit iemand medelevend zijn of behulpzaam of gewoon belangstellend.
    Lang niet iedereen is lief en aardig, niet altijd in ieder geval, maar veel mensen zijn dat regelmatig wel.Gelukkig maar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xxx, Els

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