My List of Countries

Recently, I have visited The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and spent the New Year’s Eve there. Luxembourg had been one of  top 5 cities in Europe I wanted to visit (Besides Andorra la Vella, Tallinn, Prague and Liechtenstein). It is a constitutional monarchy, and an independent sovereign state. Tucked between Belgium, France and Germany. The country is very small, only 84 km (51.7 miles) long and 52 km (32.5 miles) wide. Encompassing an area of 2586 square km (999 square miles) with a population of 502,066 (official estimation as of Jan 1, 2010). It is very small if you compare it to Indonesia. Big time!

{the road to the rural area}

{Luxembourg City}

I always think that there’s always something mysterious about small countries. I imagine that it has something glorious, exciting, dark that makes you want to go there and see it. I am intrigued to know more about the inhabitants, their history and customs, their tradition (the odder the more interesting it is).. I am very fascinated by all that! I guess I always assume that there’s more to it, to just being a small country.

I am going to show you some of small countries in the world that I want to visit someday…My top destinations go to…

Vatican City

Size: 0.17 sq. mi. (0.44 km²). Population: 783 (2005 census)Location: Rome, Italy


Size: 0.8 sq. mi. (1.96 km²).Population: 35,657 (2006 estimate)
Location: French Riviera on the Mediterranean


The world’s smallest island nation, the smallest independent republic, and the only republic in the world without an official capital.

Size: 8 sq. mi (21 km²). Population: 13,005 (2005 estimate)
Location: Western Pacific Ocean

Tuvalu. Never heard of it? Well click here 🙂

Size: 9 sq. mi. (26 km²). Population: 10,441 (2005 estimate)
Location: South Pacific

San Marino.

With the formal name of The Most Serene Republic of San Marino (how charming!). People said that before the World War II, San Marino was amongst the poorest countries in Europe. Today, with more than 3 million tourists visiting every year (half of San Marino’s income is derived from tourism), the people of San Marino are amongst the world’s richest people!! O jeezz..

Size: 24 sq. mi. (61 km²). Population: 28,117 (2005 estimate)
Location: North-central Italy near the Adriatic coast.

So, I just show you my list of small countries I want to go to someday…I actually can insert one more country, which is Maldives (115 square miles). I think it’s a paradise on Earth!! Well, we are allowed to dream right? So, do you also have a dream destination too?

*** all images are taken from Google images

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