Picking Up Good Vibrations


As we all know (I assume we all do know), that our attitude towards life decides the outcomes in our reality world. I have been noticing that many of us really underestimate the power of positive attitude.

Of course not all individuals have this attitude, believe me I sometimes also forget to think positive while my world is actually tumbling down! But after awhile, after so many heart broken, lack of fortune in finance (ok..ok, i mean money problems, satisfy?!) and bitterness, I usually come around to really embrace life and think positive about life!

What I am trying to say is, maybe the universe seems to hate you. Maybe people and colleagues seem to gang up on you, and men are truly rubbish. But, negativity will just consume our minds and slow us down from our dreams and endeavors.

But we, yes we..we can do something about ourselves. Listen to good music that reminds you of the good times in your life (yes dear, you have some of those!). Watching good movies and when you have to cry please cry a river!, just hang out with friends and laugh until you choke yourself, cooking your fave dishes, whatever. You can get your moments back.

Life is short. Endure every minute of it.


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