Yummy According to a Dutchie and an Indo(nesian)

I have to re-post this.


One day, J and I were too busy during the day, after we came home from work someone had to cook for dinner. Well guess who? No one. Too much hassle.

Thus, he asked whether I wanted something from AH (a supermarket) that was just around the corner. No, I am going to make something yummy and fast for myself, I said. So funny, because he then went to the supermarket to get himself something yummy and ready to eat as well. I thought, naahh..he definitely would buy broodjes what else? (broodjes = sandwiches, cos that’s what all Dutchies eat ALL THE TIME!!). He came back and warmed up his food while I was already sitting nicely with my nice meal. I cooked noodle soup I bought a few weeks ago from an Asian store nearby. Complete with egg, fried onions and lots of sambal . Simply Indonesian way! When he finally took his meal out from the microwave, tadaaa!! OMG. How stupid I was, of course…He had bought himself a plateful of old Dutch meal, boerenkool stamppot met worst!! (a mash pot that is made from potatoes mashed with green cabbage and mixed with bacon). Not my everyday taste, but it’s very filling and cheap.

I laughed so hard, because it showed how different we were when it came to food.

Sometimes I forget that he’s a real Dutchie and he sometimes has crave for Dutch meals, like stamppot. I think it’s a sign that I should sometimes stop feeding him with rice and Indonesian meals…hehehe…


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