Starting 2011

I know it’s way too late to say, Happy New Year! But at least, give me the opportunity to do so 🙂 . My New Year’s Eve was fantastic, we spent it in Luxembourg City. With many others on the town square enjoying the phenomenal fireworks shows. I hope you all have had nice NYE’s parties as well.

To start a new chapter let say like that, things aren’t pretty easy for me. I abandon this blog because of personal reasons. First of all, is my health problems. I am not able to sit and write a blog post which requires at least one hour. Seriously, I get very dizzy from it. Hence, the lack of interesting blog posts. I will definitely write more and pimp my blog after I get better. I do not know when, I am sure if I take it easy with my work and study, I will get better soon!!

And second of all, is my study. It asks a lot and I do not want to fail in any exams. Thus, I need to concentrate and do all the home works diligently. However, along the way I am very sure I can manage and find the gap to indulge myself by writing stories for my lovely blog. But for now, this is all I got. Not a nice start for 2011 I admit. But, don’t be too greedy, you can not have it all eh?

There are other interesting stuff waiting too. I will surprise you! 🙂 Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the sunny weather outside! I can not believe how sunny it is now, after those dreary cold winter days we had! So, I hope I can get better soon and enable me to write more.

Have a nice weekend, peeps!



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