Winter Wonderland in The Netherlands

My cat, Tjakra, hid behind the chair on the balcony. He hates snow! 🙂

A view from my office window ..

Here are a few images from winter in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. It has been snowing pretty hard and intense for the last few days. The temperature sometimes drops until -8 degrees Celcius and on Friday, 17th of December was the extreme snow fall began. It has been snowing ever since, sometimes it stops for awhile, but then after a couple of hours it begins to snow again…up till now.

Due to snow storm, almost all European flights had been canceled due to extreme weather and also it has caused traffic chaos in the Netherlands.

I experienced for the first time since I live here, that the employer asked us to leave the office and went home because otherwise we could not go home! The public transportation company decided to stop operating at a certain time in the afternoon. That was why we were rushed home to catch the last transportation. Not to mention the NS (trains) was very overwhelmed by the amount of snow, which resulted to many problems of train traffic in the country. I luckily went out of the office just in time and got the last tram to my home in Amstelveen.

Snow snow snow. It is very pretty and cozy when the city is covered with snow. But there are other disadvantages when there’s too much snow.

The Government also has advised us to better stay at home this weekend, if you don’t really really need to go outside since it is pretty dangerous to travel by cars. The streets are lethal now, many accidents happen out there and I have seen it myself! however, many people went outside instead and went sledging and really having fun with the snow! Too bad, I chose to stay inside and kept myself busy with house chores and watched many movies 🙂


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